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Issue #1 - Digital


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Contains 43 pieces from 43 contributors over 56 pages.


Emily Strauss
Laura Halpin
Steve Lambert
Lisa Stice
Cáit R. Coogan
Gert W. Knop
Cinthia Ritchie
Noel King
Adam Gottschalk
Mark Bolsover
Edmund Caterpillar
Ion Corcos
Tamara Drazic
Patrick Deeley
Ashley Inguanta
Vincent Steed
J. Rafael
Martyn Williamson
Grace Black
Brendan Quail
Jac Shortland
Tim Gordon
Michael Brosnan
Marc Pietrzykowski
Bruce Majors
Neil Slevin
Joseph H. Odermatt
Michelle McLean


Wei Xiong
Lauren Bell
Dominic Martin
Glen Donaldson
Jay Helmstutler
Lynda Kirby


Joni Bour
Taylor Imel


Annie Dawid
Marco Castelli
Gergely Gyuricza
Marika Segal
Britta Stephen
Gwen Murphy
Anne Cecile Surga