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Luminous Echoes: A Poetry Anthology (Print)

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Image of Luminous Echoes: A Poetry Anthology (Print)
  • Image of Luminous Echoes: A Poetry Anthology (Print)
  • Image of Luminous Echoes: A Poetry Anthology (Print)
  • Image of Luminous Echoes: A Poetry Anthology (Print)

This anthology edited by Heath Brougher contains 50 of Heath's favourite poems that were submitted to the Into the Void Poetry Competition 2016 and did not place in the top 6. All of these poems were in some version of the top 6 at some point, so needless to say, they are all astounding, and the contributors hail from many different parts of the world. Heath loved all these poems so much that he couldn't reconcile simply rejecting them, and this was the conclusion we came to--a print anthology as a high-quality, 60-page book.

100% of the money received through the sale of this anthology will be donated to Pieta House, a wonderful voluntary organization here in Ireland that provides free therapy and emergency intervention to people who are feeling suicidial, self-harming or experiencing any other kind of mental health crisis: http://www.pieta.ie/

These are limited edition so grab one while you can!

The cover art is 'Circadian Rhythm' by Robert Tokley.


John Allen
M.R. Baird
Lana Bella
Nora Brennan
Cathy Bryant
David Butler
Anne Casey
J. Dee Cochran
Jennifer Creedon
Tom Daley
Lucía Damacela
Madilyn de Leon
Julian Martinez Del Campo
Roger Elkin
Giordana Serretta Fiorentino
John Gallas
Anne Garwig
D.G. Geis
Anthony Giammattei
Deborah Guzzi
Simon Jackson
Josh Jordan
Lynda Kirby
Bruce Lader
Rachel Laferriere
Bennet McNiff
Bianca Nazareth
Caleb Nelson
Martina Newberry
Ty Newcomb
Elizabeth O'Connell-Thompson
Edward O'Dwyer
Louis Phillips
David Anthony Sam
Mara Adamitz Scrupe
Cathryn Shea
Katie Soden
Arthur Solway
Lisa Stice
Georgina Titmus
Jose Varghese
Emily Vieweg
Esther Vincent
Kent Weigle
Lorna Wood
Catherine Wright
Gareth Writer-Davies
Jada Yee